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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Saturday, May 5, 2007


New Balance has come out with a nice looking EASY ON EASY OFF athletic shoe.I have only seen it in gray which is not my favorite color.I'm a colorful kinda guy and gray comes off as to drab and to conservative.Nonetheless I like the look and feel of the shoe.It is a soft leather ...Firm yet Flexible...the front and bottom is very much like a tennis shoe but with no laces and the back sides is open it just kinda curves up around the heel of the foot leaving the ankle exposed.We all know how sexy those exposed ankles can be so its a win win.The person wearing the shoe is in comfort and the person looking at person wearing the shoe is in glory from the great eye appeal.You may have a hard time finding this shoe it is a new design and hasn't been seen in any stores around these parts yet but it is available online.I can only hope they will expand the color choices soon.The photo is of a friend of mine who goes by the name David and he made me promise to not post his face on the blog so you will just have to settle for a peek at his gorgeous legs.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Summer is on the Way

Soon after the Aids Walk and Pride Festival in Little Rock the first weekend in june people will be getting ready for the hooplah surrounding the birth of our nation.The Fourth of July is a time our family gets together for good eats and fireworks.We usually go all out and put on an elaberate display.The photo shows my brother David who lives in Russellville having recently relocated here from California and his younger son Jason.I like Jason because he is his own person.He is an independant thinker by that I mean he is who he is and he really doesn't care what others might think of who he is.He and I are alot alike in that reguard.I always have beat the drum a little different and Jason does as well.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Making a Quilt is not that easy I have discovered.It is probably a little more difficult when it is a T-Shirt Quilt.I had several FUNKO (my favorite wobbler company in the world) T-Shirts sitting around so I decided to embark on a project and settled on attempting a Quilt.The Picture is of the quilt in the early stages and I realized after getting started that I needed a few more shirts so I should be able to finish it up when the last of the shirts I hunted up arrive later this week.When finished it will be a King Size Quilt.

Whipped Creme can be Fun with the Right Partner

Amos Lassen our Community Literary and Cinema Guru was recently seen around town with his can of Whipped Creme.Draw your own conclusions.


Graphics Unique Design and Printing Co. helped with the ad shown.I am happy with the OUTcome of the ad for our Pride Program.Del Simmons is worth checking out for any Graphic Design projects you may be needing help with.Feel free to contact him at his email . You can print a copy of the coupon and bring it to A TWISTED GIFT SHOP in downtown little rock for a 21% discount off any single item if you would like.


Most of you are aware of my being 50 years old and that I have been at the helm of TWISTED for a little over 21 years now.If I'm 50 then you can imagine my Moms age as somewhat older.I won't reveal her age that's not the right thing to do.Family is important to me even though I work constantly and don't get to spend as much time visiting my parents and brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews etc. etc. etc.I do on the other hand get to see my other family the Gay Community Family as the pop in and out of the store.We should all spend as much quality time with those that we care about as we possibly can.Sickness can bring it our attention in a fast way but it is true because at any moment all can be lost.Just as I hope to spend some time with my Mom and visit with my Brother and his family that are here from California I also hope that the Gay Community comes together that first weekend in June for the Aids Walk Saturday the 2nd at the Clinton Library...I will be there at 10:00 am and lend support to an important cause within our community and then of course my store will have a booth at the big Pride Festival at the River Market Sunday June 3rd.Families coming together to support each other.The picture I have chosen for this post was taken last summer in a helicopter as it was about to fly me (on the right in red shirt) and my buddy Cliffton over and through the Grand Canyon.It was taken on my camera by a family from Sweden that spoke no English but they wanted me to take pics of them and they offered to take pics of us.Thats what good people do HELP EACH OTHER OUT.Think about your Families and Friends and what SUPPORT you may be able to lend them.

A DAY on the RIVER

While searching through old photos to post a good well message to my Mom I ran across this one of my Stepfather.His name is Richard most people call him Dick but I often hear my Mom call him Richard and even Ocassionally she hollars Richard Paul.This photo brought back good memories of our many days boating and fishing as a family.Not much time for any of that sort of thing these days.The younger kids of the family, mostly my nieces and nephews would rather be sitting inside playing their video games and such but me I loved those outdoor outings and could use a good day on the lake or a day at the beach about now.That's my sister Darlene who has been gone well over 30 years now in the front of the boat and myself with the life vest and as I said my Stepfather was the boats captain that day.It was taken on a trip to the Colorado River back in the 60's.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom Get Well Soon

Today turned out to be one of those days.Non-Stop action from the moment i got up.I managed to get all the ad info to Joe over at for the program at the PRIDE FESTIVAL.If your planning on advertising in it do so quickly as it goes to the printers Friday.I spoke with my Mom this afternoon and she is glad to be home.My brother Greg and his family arrived this morning to visit and give support especially since my brothers wife is a great nurse.The truck was in the shop as 2 tires had nails in them.One tire was slowly leaking and I took it to GoodYear and when they hoisted it up their was actually 2 with nails so had both repaired and now maybe I can safely travel. This is an old picture of my Mom probably a little over 35 years ago taken at Easter time of course.That's me on the right with the bow sister Darlene is the one on the other side of my mom.Easter time was always Big and Special at our house.Mom loves the holidays.I'm actually a little tired more tired tonight than usual so much weighing on the brain cells this week.Mom I hope your feeling better today.


I have been under alot of stress the past couple of weeks with the Store and getting ready for the Rodeo that was last weekend and the Pride Festival that is a month away.It is our traditional slow time with it being Tax Season and with the big jump in gas prices Money has been trickling in not pouring in.On top of the Business worries and Extra Heavy workload my Mom has been in the hospital the past 12 Days and just got to come home today.She came home weak and tired.Not good after 12 days of bed rest.She was very sick and has a ways to go to a full recovery.I am glad shes home.In the picture that was taken in the summer of 2006 she is the one on the right with the maroon apron on.She likes to cook and is a Great Cook at that, so it's not unusual to see her in the kitchen with her apron on.Standing next to her is Dottie in the yellow outfit and on the other end is my moms sister and my aunt Nita wearing her turquoise top.As you may notice the reason my mom cooks so much is because our mouths are always open but truthfully our mouths are open so much because we are always laughing.Nita likes to tell jokes.I will have more on Nita in the weeks to come but this story is about my mom and how I wanted to say how thankful I am she got to go home and to let her know that I was thinking about her round the clock.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I am one of those people that you see walking around with a coffee cup in his hand.I drink coffee and collect things.You could classify me as a Coffee drinker and Collector Nerd.I like Huckleberry Hound and always have.Their were many cartoon favorites as a child but for some reason Huckleberry Hound stood OUT to me.I don't think I realized at the time he acted so GAY but when I watched that episode of the Simpsons called Behind the Laughter where Huckleberry admits that He was so Gay I wondered if thats why I liked him so much.He also in the Simpson Parody admits that He was so GAY...and Couldn't tell anyone and most people didn't back then.I have always just been me.Catagories scare me.We should all just be who we are and leave it at that.I have managed to acquire 13 different FUNKO Huckleberry Wobblers and some are Rare and Hard to Find.Their are 5 that still elude my capture but then that's what makes collecting fun.It's the Hunt and the Chase.


I watched a baseball cartoon early this morning called EVERYONE'S HERO.I was most interested in Baseball of the major sports when I was young.I wasn't much interested in Football or Basketball but I did enjoy the game of Baseball and I did participate in some Track & Field events.Anyways I grew up in the Southern California Area in a town called COVINA.It is in the suburbs of Los Angeles.I was a Big Dodgers Fan.This movie EVERYONE'S HERO is a good movie and yes 50 year old men can enjoy a good cartoon every now and then.The movie centers around a 10 year old boy trying to return BABE RUTH'S missing Bat to him after it has been stolen by the opposing teams pitcher.It is World Series time you see and the Babe needs his bat.I found this movie relavant to our gay rights movement in that the boy is being told throughout the movie that he is no good and worthless much like our enemies in the straight world believe about us.The lesson learned is not to give up and KEEP SWINGING.That is why your support of the upcoming AIDS WALK at BILL CLINTON LIBRARY on June 2Nd and the FESTIVAL at the RIVER MARKET June 3rd is important.We must keep the Fight Going for Equality.I desire no Special Rights just Equal Rights.Let's get together the first weekend in June and celebrate.

Monday, April 30, 2007


I have noticed over the years that if gasoline prices go up 10 cents at the pump their is a 10% drop in sales.Their is a leveling off if the price increase stays at the increase for a period of time but initally you get a dramatic decrease in sales.The gasoline prices in Little Rock have increased 40 cents over the past couple of months so you can imagine the effect it has had on sales.Throw in the traditional retail tax time slump and double wammy.The plain TWISTED truth of it is if your giving more to the oil companies you have less to spend on the things I sell.I don't sell things you need or have to have but those things you want the things that are fun.Hopefully the Gas Prices will stabilize soon.


You find CAMOUFLAGE allover Arkansas and You run into Barefeet quite often but you dont always get it together at the same time all at once if you know what I mean.This picture is of Patrick a good friend of mine and super fine model.I take pictures of his camouflage pants and barefeet all the time but then I am TWISTED as they say.I think my attraction to this look started with my early days of military service.I was in the Army for 10 years starting way back in 1974.


If you are a Collector Nerd like myself or a Cartoon Nut , Fan of Hanna - Barbera you will Love this new book by Brian Mariotti.Brian runs my most Favorite company I do business with FUNKO.They produce Wacky Wobblers and vinyl figures of characters we all grew up loving.The book recently released by Brian is 174 pages of An Authorized Guide to Hanna Barbera Collectibles.The Forward is by Joe Barbera himself.Brian Mariotti is one the biggest Hanna Barbera Fans on the planet and has one of the best collections of Hanna Barbera collectibles around.As with everything Brian does the book is Top Drawer.I suggest you search it out and add it to your coffee table soon.It will do nothing but spark endless conversations about the characters and toys we loved as a child.


I Hope A Lot of You Show up for the Pride Festival in Little Rock Arkansas June 3RD 2007.I Will be There and You Should Be Too.Oh and on a Side Note Eric Himan is Great so even if You can't Make the Festival... Buy his Music.


My Shop as the Community is a very Diverse One.It is Made Up of Straight People and Gay People and Black People and White People.In the Photograph taken at TWISTED recently One Guy is Straight and the Other Gay and One is Black and the Other White.They Embrace each other as if They are One.One People who Care About each Other No Matter What.I am Lucky That These are the Images I Live with Day In and Day Out.I don't Get Out Much so I'm not subjected to the Hate I Read about by so Many of You.I am Thankful that the People who come to My Shop are Tolerant and Caring People.I Would Have it no Other Way.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Amos Lassen and Ralph Hyman Met in LittLe Rock in Front of the Weekend Theatre April 28 2007 to discuss the possibility of Gore Vidal visiting our fair city and talk about the Current State of Affairs as Pride Season Creeps Towards Us.


I'm aging and interested in numbered facts dealing with the 21 years TWISTED has been around.It was not to long ago that we discovered the astonishing fact that we have now sold over 10,000 buttplugs.If you are interested in that tale check my blog on myspace but this story is about pink flamingoes.It struck me that since we had sold a large number of buttplugs that we probably had sold a large number of our fine feathered friends as well. I ordered a dozen Pink Flamingo Pairs 84 times so 84 x 12 x 2 = 2016 actual plastic birds sold or given away.I am responsible for at least 2016 of the pink plastic creatures out there.They are pretty birds and the color is not that awful I mean blue is my favorite but a BLUE Flamingo just wouldn't fly the same.I did once wear a Pink Shirt I was 12 years old I think.Pink Flamingos are the White Ghettos lawn jockey.I did my part.I hope you enjoy the view as you drive by my customers houses.