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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Don't Let It Get Away!

Friday, September 12, 2008


He started the night all buttoned up but by the time he hit our front door the shirt was getting opened.Inside the store and the shirt disappeared completely.My kinda guy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Southern Baptist Sissies has ended its run so it is now time for Vital Signs by Jane Martin.It is a one weekend only show.You can see it Sept. 12th or 13th.The play is about perspective--how we see people through what they say.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A couple of days ago a white car plowed into a telephone pole across the street.The driver of the car left the scene and was nowhere to be found.A mighty fine looking cop arrived to investigate.They had the car towed away and it was not more than 10 minutes after the car left that another tow truck was seen driving around in circles.He had been called by the cars owner to pick it up.It was to late the Hot Cop had already taken the car away.



I managed to see Southern Baptist Sissies on it's final night which was this past Saturday evening.I had only been to see one other play there over a year ago when they did a midnight showing of Rocky Horror.One of our good friends was in Rocky Horror was one reason but also the fact that the time midnight offered me a chance to see it without closing the store up.This time I closed the store because I wanted to see the play but also a person in the play tugs at my heart ever so lightly.He was amazing as was the entire cast.I mentioned in the other post tonight I am a year older.I had a birthday this past week and that was another reason the schedule took alternative routes and I found myself sitting in The Weekend Theater saturday night.A cute 20 year old boi from Missouri wanted to come spend the weekend at the store this past weekend so I thought it's my birthday and there is company from Missouri he might like to do something besides suck , fuck and sell butt plugs all weekend so lets see the play since you know who is one of the actors.I was in the theater and had front row seats which put us right there practically in the play.I could have reached out and touched the actors many times and I so wanted to a couple of times.I had my camera as I always do but didn't get but one picture.I took 3 but 2 came out extremely blurry as it was dark in there and I didn't dare use the flash.I got lucky on the one as it came out extremely clear and crisp considering the conditions.It is of Drew Ellis who played the stripper.I have been asked by you know who what my favorite part of the play was and I had to think a moment or two as many of the scenes caught my attention.I did cry a couple of times.It is a funny play but also a sad play.Ryan Whitfield who played Mark Lee Fuller had bought a Jesus bobblehead in my store friday as a gift for the preacher played by Byron Taylor and got permission to add the bobblehead to the set on the bookshelf behind the desk in the preacher's office.It was not there during most of the run of the play but on this the final night it was.There is a moment in the play where Ryan's character Mark is very angry and takes his love T.J. Brooks played by Joshua Miller to the preachers office to sort things out.As Mark enters the office he flicked the bobblehead with his finger making the bobblehead bobble and the the audiance loved it.It caught my attention because the bobblehead had come from my store the day before.It worked well.I hated Andrew played by William Moon hanging himself but loved Andrew and Marks talk after his death about how Andrew now knew Jesus loved and accepted all of them.I was surprised how much I enjoyed Benny played by Caleb Bahr.Benny is the drag queen in the show and I usually don't care for drag performances.I think it helped that I had a hour with Caleb on friday just him and I because he got to the theater before it was open and he wondered in the store to kill some time and he and I talked and talked and talked.He is a great guy who is studying to be a opera singer and I learned quite a bit about him and liked him.He was great as Benny in and out of drag.Steve Marshall & Patty Miller Marshall played the very funny bar scene duo Preston " Peanut" Leroy and Odette Annette Barnett.I haven't laughed that much in a very long time.Odette accidently (not suppose to happen) dropped something and said "Oh Shit" and everyone laughed.It was great and fit right in.Mark , Benny and Andrew's mothers played by Regi Orr, Allison Pace and Mady Maguire were super in their roles.They played the parts well and were very believable as the 3 boys mothers.Bill Weaver played Brother Chaffey and was also great in his role.The music was perfect.All five of us in our party that went to the play loved it including Ashley my guest from Missouri.It was a night I will remember for a very long time.


Day 6 in San Diego for Comic Con was a very relaxing day which consisted of lots of beautiful men & bois and flowers.We of course started with a great breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast before heading to the Convention Center for one last swing through the convention hall.We of course wanted to say so long to our buds at Super 7 and Funko.I'm not posting any more pics of the convention goings on.I took close to 1300 pics in San Diego and have shared less than 10% with you all.One more day to go day 7 the day we traveled home and we will be done.It's hard for me to find the time and energy to blog as frequent as I use to.I apologize for that.My life has increasingly become more busy and more sexual (if that could be possible after all I do run a sex shop).The blog and the other things I do online have brought more attention to the store and more customers in the store and more of everything really including sex.I have been back from san Diego 6 weeks and just now showing some pics of day 6 of the trip.I am also a year older since I last blogged to you all.Anyways time to move forward and get this posted so I decided to show you mostly what went on after we left the convention which was look at beautiful men and beautiful flowers.We did see a couple of Superman wannabes and of course I had to throw in day 6's SkaterBoi.