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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Today's Bare Chested Hottie and Doe's Eat Place

I caught a glimpse of a hot looking young fellow in a green Doe's Eat Place t-shirt which brought back memories of the great food and good times spent there.It is one of Little Rock's Downtown Best Spots "for goodness steaks".They are located at 1023 west Markham street and you can check them out online by clicking the post title.
I've been told that some communities are trying to pass laws that make it illegal to wear your pants in such a way that underwear is exposed.I would hate to see that law enforced as it can be a cheap thrill to sneak a peek.

We always manage to see at least one pink shirt in the crowd and their is nothing at all wrong with a pair of plaid shorts when worn right.


It would seem that both Luke and Noah are still alive.Noah's father who is a military man and not accepting of the gay lifestyle has been pertending to accept Luke in his son's life but the fishing trip he planned for the three of them seems well a little fishy.


The winners were announced late thursday evening at one of my favorite cruising spots HARVARD UNIVERSITY.It's the awards for the quirky off-beat science projects like testing the effects of viagra on jet lag hamsters and my favorite : Spanish scientist who found that rats sometimes could not distinguish between Japanese words spoken backwards and Dutch words spoken backwards.The U.S. Military won it's lg Nobel Prize for it's concept of bombing the enemy and making them want to love each other.I guess the bomb would possess a love making voo doo potion that really works at least in the testing stages.The enemy not only desires to make love with one another but no longer desire to make war with the enemy.Organizers tried getting someone from the Air Force to accept the award but everyone they spoke to active and retired refused.

Friday, October 5, 2007

IMAGES of the STREET and 2 pieces of ART

It has been a very active week in the neighborhood and I haven't shared any pictures of the goings on so I thought I had better give you a look at what I've been looking at.I included a couple of art images...a rainbow swirl project and a coffee cup on a birdhouse that seemed to be looking at me.


This Monday we will celebrate Columbus Day.It is the holiday where we celebrate the OCTOBER 12th 1492 arrival of Christpher Columbus to the Americas.The first Columbus Day Celebration was in 1792 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Chris's landing in the New World.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

As The World Turns: Luke and Noah Kiss!

In the Video LUKE is in Blue T-Shirt and NOAH is putting tie on to go meet his Dad and "Girlfriend".It was a Very Hotttttttttttttt Kiss.


Jake Silbermann in Gillette Commercial

This is an early look at Jake who is one half of the gay story on As The World Turns.Jake plays Noah who is in LOVE with Luke so they call it the NUKE LOVE STORY.Just recently Noah and Luke kissed for daytime tv's first gay male kiss.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


FANTASTIC 4 rise of the silver surfer

I have always enjoyed the Fantastic Four movies and this one released yesterday on DVD was no exception.It is good fun and a slight improvement over the origional 2 years ago.I think the Silver Surfer is the reason for the improvement.The guys have grown on me even though they are miscast and the underwitten story doesn't help.The filming itself and the pacing of the film is out of wack but yet their is something captivating about it's unabashed shittiness.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Mr. Masons has some dang good Bar-B-Q.They are just down the street two lights from Twisted so we eat there once in a while and we like it.If your in the area and looking for some Bar-B-Q check them out.It is worth a visit.You can click on the post title and go the the website and check the menu and learn about the history as they have been smokin' since 1953.They are located at 915 W. Capitol Avenue near chester and the phone number is 501-372-4227(4BBQ).


Just wanted to Give John a big thumbs up for sporting our stores T-Shirt.John is a bartender at one of Little Rock's most popular gathering spots SIDETRACKS.I wear Dr. Pepper shirts alot and In-N-Out Burger because well I drink mostly coffee but Dr. Pepper when I'm not and the California burger joint is so good and tasty.We wear and promote business's and products all the time and I really appreciated John helping to promote Twisted by wearing our stores name out and about.John stopped by tonight and was wearing this hot looking blue T-shirt with the Tonka logo on it.I had to snap a pic and include it in the post as I love Tonka and still have a few very old Tonka Toys sitting around.