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Friday, January 21, 2011

JUDSON JOHN BIRZA the mug shot that shook the survivor world

JUDSON JOHN BIRZA his arrest so not right , his homoerotic underwear flick is coming , his choice in clothes to get arrested in was off the hook and he is a celebrity because TMZ says so

I hadn't planned on blogging about Judson John Birza after Survivor had ended and Judson had won the million bucks , but then we found out about his underwear horror flick 1313 Nightmare Mansion being released and I couldn't pass up spreading the word on his homoerotic movie and now we get word that the best Survivor Winner ever has been arrested.I just want to say that skateboarding should not be a crime.Driving a skateboard while high should not be a crime.It would seem to me that the time and energy the Santa Monica police spent on this arrest could have been better utilized on real criminals.You can click the post title and visit TMZ and watch the video after his release from custody.I loved his shirt he wore to his arrest.Great pick.His friends picking him up at the police station in a white limo with beer and smokes waiting for him was entertainment gold. It was awesome of Judson to give his fans so much by talking to the reporter as most celebrities don't .He doesn't Twitter or Facebook much even though he has messaged me on  facebook a couple of times. I know his hardcore fans hunger for more.I think he does better at communicating when the camera is rolling.He has way to much energy to just sit and type.I want to photograph him more than anything I've wanted in a long time.I would love to photograph him drumming , possibly drumming naked lol.Drummers do it with rhythm you know.So I get it.I get Judson.I like Judson.I wish for him safe passage on his journey.He has lots of money and he likes to play but I hope he plays safe and sticks around.He is fun to watch and Arts and Crafts wouldn't be the same without him.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chili Cook-Off is Today ... so looking forward to it as it is one of my favorite things

I have never made Red Chili Sauce from Dried Chili Pods ,  but this year I got brave and tried it.It does help to give the Chili a nice Red Color , which the judges love , but it also changes the taste dramatically and not one that appeals to me , as much as the way I use to make it.We shall see here in a few hours how things went.