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In a stubborn mood , I can be an inspiration for any ass , but some mules still love me.


‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Don't Let It Get Away!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


It is interesting to me to see where the majority of my blog readers live.I have only had the new sitemeter for 10 days so this is not reflective of the lifetime of the blog.Given a little more time we may get another picture.


They are selling some good tasting ORANGES on the North Side of the State Capitol.When I went to the bank this morning I stopped and got a bag to help them out since it was below freezing and they are out there trying to get rid of them.I came back and immediately cut in to one and they are good and sweet.


Well now that the distributors have starting getting stock back in the warehouses after the holiday season and inventories, we are starting to receive shipments in more frequently and with top notch titles.Here are a few that arrived this afternoon.Looks like some good ones in the bunch.Black Scorpion has been doing some good stuff so MAN ISLAND should be HOT and Motel Sex was real good so I hope MOTEL SEX 2 from DIRK YATES is at least as good as the first one.THE MEN I WANTED from LUCAS KAZAN is sure to be a winner as his always are.I prefer the TITAN titles to the TITAN FRESH SERIES but my customers like the FRESH ones so...Then DARE from FALCON is going to be typical FALCON.This Falcon title is Written and Directed by JETT BLACK and stars LIFETIME EXCLUSIVE MATTHEW RUSH.WTF does that mean?Will we be watching him in FALCON two zillion when he's eighty years old.Interesting how I have noticed a lot of the BIG stars are choosing to go independant and MATTHEW is going to work for Falcon till the day he dies.MICHAEL LUCAS gives us GIGOLO which I am sure is another great one.We also got in more copies of LA DOLCE VITA (not pictured)from MICHAEL LUCAS as we have been out of that great 2 parter.Another title in from DIRK YATES is UNCUT VERSION : THE SECOND COMING which is a SOLO JERKOFF release but they are all UNCUT MEN.Lots of good ones and not so good ones not pictured also so stop in this weekend if you get a chance.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Get your FREE Smarty Jones Bobble Horse!

If your looking for something to do this MLK DAY you may want to head to Oaklawn in Hot Springs,Arkansas for the final day of the Four-Day Opening Weekend Racing Festivities.They will be offering a free Smarty Jones Bobble Horse with each paid admission.Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I must confess that I'm not always turned on by the Construction Workers I see.It would almost appear that this guy just showed to play Construction Worker for the day.Oh I know "Today's only a try-out so we can see what you can do." is what the foreman had said earlier that morning.It was at the big construction site downtown with the taller buildings looming nearby.Across the large construction site was a tall temporary trailer that looked onto the whole scene.That's where the bossman watched his crew from.Be careful of Manny ,the big boss.He can be an ass,Stanley said as the newbie walked past.He will watch you from the trailer and dock you big time if he sees you fucking around.Jon, the new kid turned and saw Manny in his red plaid lumberjack shirt looking back at him from the trailer window.The day progressed and Jon worked hard trying to impress everyone on his first day."So what do you think of the new guy?" Billy asked."He's not afraid of work and he looks good" Stanley piped in."What you think he's packing under those tight jeans?" Billy shot back.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Dizzied by the whirlwind of the moment,there is little a man can do.I did that little.Fixing my eyes,straightening my shirt and inflating my lungs,I asked the obvious."Why?""Because it isn't working." Was his reply."We're going off in seperate directions."


"See,"Brad was saying,"when I come in from riding that damned bike,nine times out of ten,I'm already throwing a boner.Now ,I could just get off along the way,but I wait till I get home."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


"He did not ask for money.Yet I knew he was hustling my heart and my emotions and for an exchange more practical than money."


I didn't see much of him the rest of the night,but he was considered by all to be the best of the lot.Not only a good performer but a snazzy dresser.


Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been doing what I do for a little over a quarter of a century.Many stars come and go ,so after such a long period of time ,it can be kinda HARD to get that excited about one in particular.Damien excites me because not only is he a super HOT looking guy and awesome sex performer and working for one of my all time favorite companies Titan Media as an exclusive but the word OUT there is... he is plain and simply a great all around guy.Yes the word in porn circles is Damien is one of the nicest of the male porn stars.His BF Angelo is Very Lucky indeed.If you have missed any of his films be sure to check them out.I have included pictures of the films I believe him to be in ,hopefully I haven't forgot any and then I have included 2 pictures that are extreme favorites of mine that I stole off his site.I hope he don't mind but the one in the black suit with him sitting on the floor is Hot as Hell and I allready told him so.The other one I saw today for the first time.It is kinda playful and fun as if he can hide from his fans...not a chance.Good luck at the Awards Damien ,I'm pulling for you.

School Teacher Caught Having Fun and Forced to Resign

The main reason many people do not engage in sex in public is that there are laws against it--indecent exposure,public indecency,disturbing the peace etc.--and violators can be and are arrested for such offenses.If people really found public sexuality shameful,there would be no need for laws to prevent it,would there?People do have sex in public all the time.I have witnessed people engaging in sex at private homes,at parties,at bars,at bathhouses,in rest rooms,in parks,in forest reserves,in parking lots and yes even in my store.


We saw each other at the same time and spoke as if it had been 10 years or more."Hey, you doing?"he said in his streetwise way.He had learned a lot in his travels and it had taken the harshness off his once macho sounding voice.


Things are moving quickly around me all the time.It seems like yesterday I was 49 and my Grandfather was still alive as was my Mother and my best Childhood friend who died the Sunday before Christmas at the age of 52 just one year older than me.I didn't blog about it at the time because it was the holidays and the first one without my Mom so...The five other deaths that occurred to people I knew well were sad and terrible but not like these three.At 49 I was not blogging which has been my therapy through it all.Things are moving quickly around me all the time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yes it is true that by all accounts I have every reason to be miserable.There is the lack of sleep,the long days at work only to be followed by another,inventory to finish and people to get over (problems that I won't go into here),and a beautiful sunny day out that I will be stuck inside to enjoy...but then in walks those infectious smiles and I know it's all worth it.


I took this picture May 19th of two guys Joe and Jeff that frequent my store quite often and have done so for many years.They are both super good guys and are seen together on most weekends.A lot of people think they are a couple but they are just good friends.Joe Nichols is on the left in the picture and he owns Nichols Furniture.It is located at 108 N. Shackleford Rd. in Little Rock.If your in need of some furniture,check them out.Joe has always been real supportive of our community.Click on the post title to go the the Nichols Furniture Website.


"Gay Community" might only be an expression as it applies to the gay population of America as a whole,but it is also a goal.There is room for us all under the clouds.


A group of Hot Air Force guys showed up in uniform yesterday and as they walked by we all had to run out for a closer look.Harold and Andy were in the The Weekend Theater preparing for this weeks opening of Urinetown but couldn't pass up a chance to see a Hot Man in Uniform.

Standing Out

The majority of the guys in our neighborhood yesterday chose to wear Hooded Sweat Shirts and Shorts.Their was a few hunded guys wearing Black hoodies and one guy was wearing a While Hoodie.You sure could spot the white one easily.He must of been the leader or something.


I had to take a short trip to the post office this afternoon and decided at the last minute to check out the small fishing hole that is near there.I saw lots of Ducks and a few people mingling around in the 56 degree temperature.This one guy was fishing and I snapped a couple pictures of him and the many Ducks that were around.