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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Don't Let It Get Away!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


A couple of my favorite Tim Tebow pics.


.... and by the looks of the picture Guys will go to great lengths to get a feel of him.


This is our Dirty Jean Guy for the day.


I had put my shorts in the mail sealing the envelope real good with lots of packing tape.The next couple of weeks I was filled with all sorts of anticipation.Finally the package arrived with John's shorts that he had sent from Yorks and Hummer in the United Kingdom.The trade was successful.He had mine and I now had his.I had sent him a plain pair of white Jockey shorts but he had sent a fancy black stripe boxer short.The day the package arrived was a busy and hectic day so when the day ended I was more than ready for a peek and a sniff.John is a 5'11" 22 year old soccer fanatic that weighs 165 lbs so it is easy to drum up all sorts of fantasies about him.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Roommates and or houseboys should not be invited for a piece of the action during the early stages of courtship.Such antics may incorrectly imply a penchant for promiscuity.


Sometimes when we get shipments of sexual devices they come prelubed.The box packers tend to put the lube bottles in the corners and along the edges so that when the UPS or FEDEX workers toss the boxes, the not so strong lube bottles crack.Lube then starts oozing all through the puffs and merchandise finally reaching its climax as it settles into the cardboard.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


It's always nice when those Torn Jeans come with a nice ass.




Other than the brief conversation regarding MY sexuality,which we had left hanging in the air by my neither admitting nor denying being gay,neither of us had made a pass at the other.But what the hell,who could fight logic like that and his smile?


Here are a few pictures of the surrounding beauty I took yesterday in my travels to the bank and post office.


One should always take the time to wash ones hands.Sometimes putting your pecker away helps too.


I promised you a look at the Christmas Decor at the State Capitol.I took these on two different trips to the post office.They have bus loads of kids coming everyday from allover the state for two weeks to sing Christmas songs and the last picture is outside on the capitol steps of one of those groups.They had just finished singing and were waiting for there bus to give them a ride back home.


His walk was sure and solid,but light like an athlete's.My heart began to race.His smile glowed and his hand was strong as I shook it.His smile,in fact,never really left his face,and there was something so upbeat and cheerful about him that I felt slightly suspicious-of what,I wasn't sure.


It was 35 degrees when I went to the bank this morning.Sometimes it's nice to have a buddy when it's a little chilly.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I have been nursing a Super Humdinger of a Migraine Headache today so my posting here and there has been light.I did force myself to go to the bank this afternoon around bank closing time.When I returned the newsman and his camera buddy were interviewing and filming a good looking guy wearing flip-flops.I couldn't pass the flip flops up.It was 40 degrees at the time so seeing bare toes is a rarity about now.I will have to watch the news later tonight to see what it was about.

Monday, December 3, 2007


It is thought that during the mid 19th century many boys were made to wear belts so that when they needed punishment a device for rendering it was there.Schools started dishing out corporal punishment and back then they prefered to use the device of one receiving the punishment thinking maybe it was somewhat of a permanant reminder.Parents started picking up the practice and all types of spanking became common place.It is usually administered to the buttocks or back while bent over furniture or the punishers lap.You can double the belt by holding both ends in one hand halfing the length but doubling the thickness it behaves more like a strap this way or you can hold it single for a softer impact and increasing the length and finally the least common but most severe is to hold the buckle-less end and allow the buckle to "bite" the flesh.The pic is Austin who lives in Kansas and enjoys a little fun Belting every now and then.


One last Saturday event post.After the parade is over it is soon to be dark so it is time to light the capitol for the first time this holiday season.They shoot some fireworks and then turn the lights on.The capitol is within walking distance from my store and I visit it quite often.I go to the post office in the lower floor of the capitol as it is the nearest post office to me and allows me to get a walk in.The inside is decorated real nice.I took pics inside early last week but haven't posted them yet.Gosh I am really behind.Well here's the shot of the capitol I took after the crowd left Saturday night.I will work on Sunday and Monday tomorrow if time allows.


Desi and a friend of his stopped by yesterday not long after I got back from taking pics at the parade.I was to worn out to do any more posting last night.Laundyboi , Skaterboi , The Quilt , The Parade and working the store took it's toll.Anyways Desi came in and rode around on one of our Razor Scooters.We have a green one and a blue one that have hung around for a few years.He was turning a corner and crashed but I didn't have the camera on me at the time.I asked him to recreate the incident but he declined.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


The December 07 issue of INSTINCT MAGAZINE is OUT.It has a 5 page spread on our little town.A little bit of info since one of my blog readers asked...The population of Little Rock according to Census 2000 figures is 183133 and 52.86% of them are female.The largest age group is the 25-34 group with 29463 people falling into that group.I proclaimed age 25 my favorite a while back so I was glad to find out their are a lot of them running around.


The first time Adam Sandler's character said the faggot word I was taken back a little.I felt uneasy.I think maybe because I have liked Mr. Sandler's work as a actor and comedian for as long as he has been doing it.He is one of my favorites.Maybe hearing him say it since I like him so much made it more painful.The rest of the movie was funny and delightful.I have never been a fan of Kevin James.I have seen all his movies and he hasn't grown on me much or at least not in the same way Adam has.Adam's character did later in the movie during the court hearing apologize for being that guy who went around using the faggot word.I then had a sense that the reason he had to say it in the beginning of the movie was so he would have something to apologize for later.They pulled this fake gay togetherness crap off and in a good way.The Gays and The Straights were left with things to cheer about.You should watch it if you haven't.


When I left the Clinton Presidential Library I noticed the Little Rock Christmas Parade was winding down so I stopped my Truck and jumped out for a few quick pics of it as well.It actually looked like a good turnout for a afternoon Little Rock parade.