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In a stubborn mood , I can be an inspiration for any ass , but some mules still love me.


‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Don't Let It Get Away!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

three way

It's Saturday and it's going to reach a high of 70 degrees.A perfect day for a 3-Way.


It's that time of year again.Change your clocks and change your batteries.Your favorite vibrater is probably in need of some fresh juice.Just kidding.This is a serious post and you really should change the batteries in your smoke detectors.Fires have been allover the news lately so they should be fresh in our minds and the damage a fire can bring is way over the top as we all have seen.We had a fire recently a couple doors down at the pizzeria and smoke detectors were instrumental in saving the structure and lives.Please make sure your SMOKE DETECTORS are in good working order and ready for a long winter with NEW BATTERIES.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Penis has Vanished

Of the more than 9000 bird species close to 98% of them are penis-free.The females are in control and no longer need the penis for copulation.The reason the penis disappeared was that the females wanted it that way.Some believe the penis to be a sexual organ needed for the transfer of sperm but new studies suggest it is merely a instrument used to advertise.Most birds actually reproduce through a kiss.The male deposits sperm from his cloaca (an anus like hole)to his partner's cloaca.It only lasts seconds.The female then uses the sperm if she wants to or dumps it if for instance the tail feathers don't impress her.Larger birds have had a tougher time getting rid of the penis such as ducks , geese and ostriches.The Australian blue duck is said to have such a big one that after sex it has to lay on it's back and stuff it's penis back in it's cloaca.It is a mystery as to why these birds still have a penis when a whopping 98% of birds have lost theirs.The picture is of a Domestic Turkey and a sketch of his penis.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


40 scene Military Epic Coming Soon from Chris Ward and Raging Stallion.They have given us a 2 minute sneak peek of the 12 hour movie which will come with 8 hours of extras.Click the post title to visit Chris's blog.

because their is nothing romantic about pushing your boyfriend around in a wheelchair

On his first night out since being put in the wheelchair Luke takes a fall while trying to get out of the chair to sit on something next to Noah.Luke's pride is shattered and ends up leaving the fair more agitated than ever.You can see the agitation in his face as he holds the cellphone debating whether to call Noah to apologize for being a jerk.When Noah arrives at the farm they can barely face each other. We rarely see their backs turned to one or the other.Usually they are transfixed on one another.I understand that Luke feels unattractive in the chair and maybe half man-like if you will.He probably not only thinks he will never walk again but will always be a burden.He doesn't want to be seen like this at least in public.Luke and Noah have only kissed twice and the second came a little over a month ago.They are way overdue for that third kiss.


SPIDERMAN 3 was released on DVD Tuesday past so I watched it last night while enjoying a bowl of Homemade Soup.I must say it is very hard pressed to find any gay element in this movie.Now it is true Harry and Mary Jane do the TWIST and we all know from FABULON how Fabulous the Twist is but It was in those final moments of the movie when Peter is saying goodbye to his dying friend and smiling and then forcing a cry as he and Harry tell each other how much they care for one another and are BEST BUDS and all that mushy jazz that I felt a connection between them that we can only speculate about.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TRICK don't need the treat

I hope everyone is having a spiffy HALLOWEEN.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fearing the jockstraps

It will be another big week for movie titles.We will receive approximately 30 new titles before weeks end.These 2 look exceptionally good.Hot House's JOCKSTRAP and Titan's FEAR.


A couple of books coming out in November are 1)Lindsay Lozan : ALL MY BOYS 120 pages of slim , smooth and athletic men and then 2)Hot House TRUNKS 96 pages of the most delicious bathing suit images the world has ever seen.We will be stocking both of these titles.


French Rugby Players have been entertaining us for a few years now.They have some HOT competion.The Australian Footballers have decided to get NAKED for a Cause this year to fight Breast Cancer.Check your local stores these will be hitting the shelves soon just in time for the gift-giving season.

first a dead rat and now a WHOOPI GHOST

I had finished entertaining Simon and whipped up some dinner a steak and some Broccoli when I glanced over and swore I saw Whoopi's Ghost looking at me through the concrete floor.


The guy , meanwhile was staring at the FISH while I was busy staring at other stuff.What happened next surprised the hell out of me.

Monday, October 29, 2007


It was just a month ago that Flower matriarch of the Meerkats died and now her troubled daughter MOZART has followed.It was most likely the Jackal's that got her.Mozart is the one that would always wander off.She is sorta like the Britney Spears of Meerkats.She was a nymph and possible lesbian but I guess if your classifying Bi-Sexual is more fitting.Don't underestimate the power and popularity of this clan as they have a feature coming to the big screen soon.It is tentively titled "QUEEN of the KALIHARI" and since filming started some time back Flowers and Mozart will be in it.


I haven't spoke of Luke and Noah in a while as their story line was not a major part of the show for a few days after the shooting with Noah's deranged father trying to kill Luke.Thursday's episode brought the boys back and the story picks up with Luke no longer in the hospital and staying out on the farm with Holden his father.Noah visits Luke and they come to some understandings.I was glad Noah confessed his drunken come on to Maddie while Luke was in the hospital.At least their are no bad secrets lingering around.Mostly we were shown Luke in the wheel chair not wanting to commit to anything and him being scared that he won't get better meaning walking again.The boys did share some tender moments and held hands and kissed hands.We can only expect so much lip action.I am just thankful that ATWT and CBS has kept the story going and in a positive way for the gay community.

SKIN for SALE : la piel vendida

Barcelona has been on my list of cities I would love to experiance more than "just your average vacation" at.Skin for Sale is a film that gives us insight into europes straight adult industry from it's capitol which I was a little shocked to discover is Barcelona.A few other cities instantly pop into my head Paris , Berlin and Amsterdam perhaps but not Barcelona.Now that I know of course it makes perfect sense.This film is very well done and if you have always wondered "what it would be like?" then you should check this gem of a film that has something for the die-hard fan to the casual veiwer.It is titillating of course after all it is a behind the scenes look at Straight Porn.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just a few of the pictures i took in the neighborhood today.hope you enjoy.


It was a nice day out today.Warmer than it had been and not as wet as earlier in the week.The guys are hanging outside again.It was close to 60 degrees today and the forecast says 63 tomorrow and 71 the next day maybe we will start seeing shorts and flip flops again.

Acting Beauty

This actor from the Weekend Theater gets better looking every day.


In the past couple of weeks I have had quite a few offers of a roll in the hay from guys who are 25.I have decided that 25 must be that perfect age.Guys at 25 are probably over the I must be with someone my own age or under stigma.They seem to be ready to move on or up the age ladder and experiance new things.I found it necessary to decline all the offers but one but I was thrilled they asked.


Zach showed up tonight and brought a couple of his friends Zero and Box.When Zach comes in you instantly notice his fashion sense.I loved his shoes even though they remind me of the shoes clowns wear.What I also noticed is how well they went with the light jacket he was wearing.I asked him if the jacket was a Keith Haring design but he was not familar with Keith's work.I was a little shocked because Zach appreciates art and in one the pics you can see him and Zero looking at an M.C.Escher print on a T-Shirt.

if i had two DEAD RATS i would give you one

I was walking out my back door to get some pictures of the guys in the band when I noticed a Dead Rat laying there.My first thought was what kind of rat walks up to your back door and rolls over and dies? Did he perhaps run across some poison next door and only made that far or did someone leave me a present...It is getting close to Halloween you know.