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Don't Let It Get Away!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Penis has Vanished

Of the more than 9000 bird species close to 98% of them are penis-free.The females are in control and no longer need the penis for copulation.The reason the penis disappeared was that the females wanted it that way.Some believe the penis to be a sexual organ needed for the transfer of sperm but new studies suggest it is merely a instrument used to advertise.Most birds actually reproduce through a kiss.The male deposits sperm from his cloaca (an anus like hole)to his partner's cloaca.It only lasts seconds.The female then uses the sperm if she wants to or dumps it if for instance the tail feathers don't impress her.Larger birds have had a tougher time getting rid of the penis such as ducks , geese and ostriches.The Australian blue duck is said to have such a big one that after sex it has to lay on it's back and stuff it's penis back in it's cloaca.It is a mystery as to why these birds still have a penis when a whopping 98% of birds have lost theirs.The picture is of a Domestic Turkey and a sketch of his penis.

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