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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vatican Suspends a Monsignor in Gay sex scandal

Monsignor Tommasco Stenico told young men that Gay sex was not sinful so the Vatican is suspending him from his post at the HOLY SEE while they investigate.


Vino's one of Little Rock's most popular and unique Brew Pub's and Pizza Joints was on fire today.The fire was on the 2nd floor which is where the owner Henry's office is located.It is suspected that an old window unit air conditioner which you can see blazing in one of the photos was to blame.Vino's is just a couple doors down from our store.They are neighbors.They are the reason I moved downtown.Our old location had nothing going on around it and when Dottie at the Free Press told me of the building we ended up buying was for sale and it was near Vino's and The Weekend Theater I jumped at the chance to move to where the action was.I rented part of the building to Robert and he opened up 7th Street Tattoo and we have all been neighbors and friends ever since.I wish Henry and all the Vino's clan a speedy recovery and healthy reopening.They are a vital part of our block and downtown Little Rock.

IMAGES from the Day October 12th 2007

Today's token Shirtless guy and the White T-Shirt guy and the Guy out and about in shorts on a cool day.

Four super fun guys looked around and had a good time.
A T-Shirt shopper showed up.
Today's token Pink shirt.
Not sure what TRASH ART is but it sounds fun.

Luke and Noah come together and LIFE is GOOD

You really don't know who to feel sorry more the boyfriend laying in the hospital bed with no feelings in his legs who was shot by his boyfriends father or the boyfriend who just discovered he's gay , has a homophobic murdering dad , a prostitute mother who was just murdered by your homophobic murdering father who is sitting in jail and whose boyfriend is in the hospital maybe to never walk again.Now this is a soap opera so of course they are going to pull all kinds of crazy crap to keep viewers interested but aside from that the story has been well done.These are just 2 normal guys who are attracted to each other.They have just started dating.It is the ones around them that are the sickos.They are not portrayed in any kind of negative light as of yet.I say that even though I feel Noah should have been by Luke's bed from the beginning instead he's off absorbing everything that has happened and as I've mentioned it is alot to absorb.Why am I devoting so much time to the Nuke Story well alot of people are sitting at home each day and watching this portrayal of our community and yes even though it is only 2 gay guys it is a representation of us.I think it is a better representation than most of the gay characters we have had on television.For instance Will and Grace made us all laugh and the straight community laughed with us and at us as we watched.Those characters were a stereotypical gay view just like the view that Dear Abby was talking about " That's So Gay".These 2 boys Luke and Noah are just 2 ordinary straight acting gay guys falling in love which is the majority of gay people.Most of us don't stand out we are just here.Today Noah came to Luke's room and they talked for the first time since the shooting and it was a good thing.They need each other at this time.That's what most of the gay nesting couples of the world rely on each other because for the most part that's all they have is each other.For today in Luke and Noah's story LIFE IS GOOD they are both hurting but they have one another.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

OCTONAUTS go on a second Adventure

If you want to find out why all the shadows in the World have gone missing check out a new Octonauts book.You can also click on the post title to visit the Octonauts website.

Death Shocks the Struggling Whiskers Family

The animal kingdom has lost one of it's most popular reality tv stars.Flowers the matriarch of the Meerkat Manor clan died recently in an attack by a cobra.She is survived by her mate Zaphod and her children Mozart , Mitch , Buster , Suggs and Izzy.Flowers is pictured in the photo by herself and the other photo is a family shot.Flowers died trying to protect her family from a cobra in the South African desert.Meerkat Manor is Animal Planet's # 1 show as over 4 million viewers have watched the third season airing now and over 12,000 people logged in to the shows website after the September 28th airing of the episode showing the cobra attack to discuss the implications of Flower's death for Meerkat's in the Kalahari.Condolences and Tribute poems are continuing to flow in and several memorial videos have surfaced on youtube.

Another Nuke Update

Well in a previous post I mentioned Noah's father wanting to take the boys on a fishing trip was a little fishy and as you can see in the picture the father not only hates gay guys but is willing to point a rifle at them and shoot them.Luke did survive the shot but is being told he may never walk again.Noah's father is now stalking the hospital halls in his attempt to get rid of Luke.


Back in the late 19th century their was a German Chancellor who was credited with unifying Germany.He was known as "THE IRON CHANCELLOR".Recently his great great grandson Count Gottfried von Bismarck a 44 year old wealthy playboy living in London was found dead.In his apartment were found BUCKETS of SEX TOYS and BOTTLES of VODKA and a RUBBER TARPAULIN on the floor.The Count was known to like to wear Fishnet stockings and occasionally dressed in traditional Bavarian Lederhosen.The Iron Chancellor can be seen sitting by 2 of his dogs and the other photo is the Count.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Pflag is honoring Dear Abby with the first "Straight for Equality " award for her public support of GAY MARRIAGE.She recently had said in her column "if two people want to commit to each other, God bless 'em,". She has also came out strongly against people making fun or cute anti gay remarks like " That's So Gay,".Pflag is on a mission to encourage more heterosexuals as allies.


The ARKANSAS STATE FAIR starts this coming weekend on Friday Oct. 12 2007 and will run till Sunday Oct. 21 2007.The fair is a chance to get out and mingle with the cowstuds and sheep and chickens... you know all those things that make a gay guy happy.Really though you should think about a trip to the fair as it can be a fun day out.Click on the post title and you can go to the official website for further details.

PIK-UR-OWN PUMPKIN sold by the pound

If you are looking for a pumpkin and wanting a fascinating day out picking your own and maybe taking in a hayride try a visit to HIDDEN VALLEY FARM PUMPKIN PATCH.It is out at 719 Ferncliff in Little Rock.You can visit their website and get more details by clicking the post title.