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Don't Let It Get Away!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Luke and Noah come together and LIFE is GOOD

You really don't know who to feel sorry more the boyfriend laying in the hospital bed with no feelings in his legs who was shot by his boyfriends father or the boyfriend who just discovered he's gay , has a homophobic murdering dad , a prostitute mother who was just murdered by your homophobic murdering father who is sitting in jail and whose boyfriend is in the hospital maybe to never walk again.Now this is a soap opera so of course they are going to pull all kinds of crazy crap to keep viewers interested but aside from that the story has been well done.These are just 2 normal guys who are attracted to each other.They have just started dating.It is the ones around them that are the sickos.They are not portrayed in any kind of negative light as of yet.I say that even though I feel Noah should have been by Luke's bed from the beginning instead he's off absorbing everything that has happened and as I've mentioned it is alot to absorb.Why am I devoting so much time to the Nuke Story well alot of people are sitting at home each day and watching this portrayal of our community and yes even though it is only 2 gay guys it is a representation of us.I think it is a better representation than most of the gay characters we have had on television.For instance Will and Grace made us all laugh and the straight community laughed with us and at us as we watched.Those characters were a stereotypical gay view just like the view that Dear Abby was talking about " That's So Gay".These 2 boys Luke and Noah are just 2 ordinary straight acting gay guys falling in love which is the majority of gay people.Most of us don't stand out we are just here.Today Noah came to Luke's room and they talked for the first time since the shooting and it was a good thing.They need each other at this time.That's what most of the gay nesting couples of the world rely on each other because for the most part that's all they have is each other.For today in Luke and Noah's story LIFE IS GOOD they are both hurting but they have one another.

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