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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Saturday, October 20, 2007

RACE for the CURE ::::: because i care

It was one of Little Rock's most beautiful days this year.A perfect day weatherwise and with so much going on everyone was out and about.It is the last weekend of the fair so I am sure they had record crowds as did Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in the Downtown area.I ventured out early this morning to help support the 14th annual race.It couldn't have been a better day for a race.

HARRY POTTER character is GAY

Albus Dumbledore,master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts,is gay according to author J.K.Rowling.She was taking questions at Carnegie Hall recently when a young fan asked if Dumbledore finds "true love".Her response is that Dumbledore is gay.Does that mean that Dumbledore can't find true love because he is gay?Her answer could have been yes or no and the fact that he is gay is of no importance especially since it was never part of the written story.Some have speculated that J.K.Rowling is just trying to boost sales by now getting another segment of the population to buy.I highly doubt that since gay people have been reading all along.I have.J.K.Rowling told the audience that Dumbledore was in love with Gellert Grindelwald but was forced to defeat him in a wizard battle between good and bad wizards.Dumbledore's love was his great tragedy but never apart of the story as written.I think we get a much better idea of Dumbledore and why he is who he is now that we know more about his past.J.K. Rowling found it neccesary to hide this major fact in the Headmaster's life for whatever reason but has outed the beloved character at last.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Vino's reopened today.They were gunning for Friday but managed to open Thursday.They had a great lunch crowd with people waiting in line outside to get in.The sign outside simply said Thanks LRFD ( Little Rock Fire Department).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Looks like it's time for a new show with Duane out changing the Marquee announcing that October 19th and 20th The Weekend theater is putting on BLOWN SIDEWAYS THROUGH LIFE by CLAUDIA SHEAR.This is a story about those that serve us and what they are really thinking about you and themselves.You know the one that says would you like fries with that?...What is really going on in their minds.This is a one week show so if your not out at the fair this weekend think about seeing this play or better yet maybe do both.


The Beer Kegs are returning which is a sign of a reopening soon at our favorite neighborhood pizza joint and brew pub.Vino's has worked hard and at a non-stop pace since saturday's 3 o'clock fire that halted their operation.They are telling everyone that a Friday reopening is a real possibility.If the city inspectors give the go ahead they will be serving good pizza and selling their homemade beer again.


If you happen to be one of my Collector Buds or you just happen to be in San Francisco today stop by the Apple Store at 6 p.m. and meet one of my most favorite people in the world.Brian Flynn is a super great guy and very interesting entrepreneur.He and Dora run Hybrid Designs with large corporate clients and then Super 7 with a toy store catering to those of us that crave rare and hard to find japanese treasures in vinyl toys.I don't know Dora but have met Brian several times and the one thing you get right away when you meet him is he is genuine and ordinary in dress and appearance and he is a nice person with nothing bad to say about anyone and you know right away he is a go getter and hard worker and deserves all the sucess and good karma coming his way because that is what he gives back many times over... good karma.

TRANSFORMERS ::: a little bit gay

OK so most everyone saw Transformers early in the summer at the Movie House of their choice and much has been written about how great a movie it was and everything so I have decided after watching it early this morning as it was released on DVD yesterday to explore the tiny bit of gayness that I found in the movie.I will start by sayiing I missed FABULON you know the gay transformer the obvious one that changes into a moped.The one bit of skin we are exposed to comes at the hands of a presumed male transformer chasing our hunky male star Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky and of all things doesn't lay a scratch on him but rips his pants off.Sorry Dear Abby but "How gay is that".If they don't know it Witwicky is a very gay name I have slept with a few wicky's and they have always been fun and Witwicky's are extra fun if you get the drift.I didn't get any more gay vibes till the very end and it kinda reminded me of Luke and Noah and how Noah just melted at hearing how often Luke thought of him well the classic line in Transformers goes something like "I want to stay with the boy" now this is Bumble Bee a male transformer falling for our studly star Shia of course he has his pants back on by now but the closing scene shows Sam laying atop his new love in much the same manner as the Duke Boy makes out with the General Lee.

Monday, October 15, 2007


October 27th in Los Angeles 20 of the hottest men in the country will be trying to win the title and a chance to go on to the International Competition won last year by Israel's Nathan Shaked.Get your travels plans in now for a great time in LA.On a side note because recently Iran's president said his country has no gays I have included a picture of KIA SHIRAZI born in IRAN that competed in last years competion losing out to Nathan.

" i think about you all the time "

After Friday's episode where Luke and Noah finally were reunited after Luke's accident caused by Noah's father Today we were treated to some serious talk and acting.The boys were great today.When Luke said to Noah "i think about you all the time" you could see Noah just melt with happiness.They are both good actors and play off of each other well.Another touching moment came when Noah didn't let the "your boyfriend in the wheelchair" comment go by easy he pushed it till Luke admited that "yes , I want you to be my boyfriend"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kinsey Sicks at Hendrix ::::: FREE

If watching over-the-top drag (as if regular drag wasn't enough) is your thing go to Hendrix College this coming Thursday evening for a Free show of the decade old a cappella singing quartet KINSEY SICKS.They have a large following and are sure to tickle your funny bone.Just keep in mind that if we as a community want the world, let alone conway to take us serious we first must take ourselves serious.The image of our community that we put out there for everyone to see is an important step in changing the minds of those that hate us.It's OK to laugh and poke fun at us and them if it is offset with a dose of realism.Support the show and Laugh Learn and Listen then try to figure out what else can be done.Click on the post title to go to the Kinsey Sicks official website.

Telea Hairstreak Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly hasn't been seen in the United States in over 70 years but last week this photo was taken at Falcon State Park in Texas.Butterfly enthusiasts are traveling there in big numbers trying to catch a glimpse of the rare butterfly.I often as a young lad went out butterfly looking with my Grandmother and I am fortunate to have a house on crow mountain with a bit a land attached where lots of butterflies appear.I once spent half a day at the Butterfly House in Branson Missouri taking pictures and just enjoying being in and amoungst thousands of butterfies.I love life and all kinds of life.Their is hope that this butterfly hatched there and didn't migrate so hopefully we may see a few more from time to time.


TRUNKS # 4 from HOT HOUSE is sitting on top of the charts again this week with its sizzlin' 4th installment of the popular series while Falcon had the highest debut this week with it's new title called IVY LEAGUE in second place and number 3 goes to ZEB ATLAS and his A GOD in PARADISE.