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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TRANSFORMERS ::: a little bit gay

OK so most everyone saw Transformers early in the summer at the Movie House of their choice and much has been written about how great a movie it was and everything so I have decided after watching it early this morning as it was released on DVD yesterday to explore the tiny bit of gayness that I found in the movie.I will start by sayiing I missed FABULON you know the gay transformer the obvious one that changes into a moped.The one bit of skin we are exposed to comes at the hands of a presumed male transformer chasing our hunky male star Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky and of all things doesn't lay a scratch on him but rips his pants off.Sorry Dear Abby but "How gay is that".If they don't know it Witwicky is a very gay name I have slept with a few wicky's and they have always been fun and Witwicky's are extra fun if you get the drift.I didn't get any more gay vibes till the very end and it kinda reminded me of Luke and Noah and how Noah just melted at hearing how often Luke thought of him well the classic line in Transformers goes something like "I want to stay with the boy" now this is Bumble Bee a male transformer falling for our studly star Shia of course he has his pants back on by now but the closing scene shows Sam laying atop his new love in much the same manner as the Duke Boy makes out with the General Lee.

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