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Saturday, July 7, 2007

IMAGES of the STREET JULY 7 2007

Lots of people in the neighborhood today.Gave away tons of Barbecue to all the 777 tattoo people.Here are a few pictures of those that came for tats and barbecue.


Today July 7 2007 is $21 TAT day on selected 777 designs.Stop by 7th Street Tattoo for a special 777 Tat if you get a chance..


Just got through watching BREACH.I enjoyed it.I have always liked these types of movies.Spy Thrillers.This one is based on the true story of the greatest security breach in U.S. intelligence history.The casting was perfect.Chris Cooper as Robert Hanssen and Ryan Phillippe as Eric O'Neil is electrifying in this CAT-AND-MOUSE thriller.I had some leftover TRAVEL SNACKS from my flight back to Little Rock last week on Southwest Airlines.The snacks and the movie were a good match.

Friday, July 6, 2007


BRENDON a cute but straight skateboarding friend of ours stopped by the shop tonight.He was hamming it up trying to get a laugh or 2 out of me trying to cheer me up.He wanted a peace sign hat but settled on a skull necklace.His lesbian friend that you see departing with him wanted a silicone rainbow bracelet that we sold out of during the pride festivals.


So many people have came by the store and called to offer condolences about the passing of my MOM.I really appreciate all that everyone has done from the cards,notes,e-mails,food and the fixing of the leak in the bathroom.Thank You All So Much.A few have mentioned missing the blog and the pics of all the goings on around the store.I haven't been at the store as much with the trip to California and a few trips to Morrilton and Russellville.Things will slowly get back to normal or as normal as can be under the circumstances.I loved my Mother with all my heart and am devistated by her death a couple of weeks ago.I depended on her for so much.It's a huge loss for me for sure.Today Cliffton crunched the cans that had piled up over the past 2 weeks and a hot guy in a purple shirt came in and bought a small dildo while a couple of guys (one with no shirt) sat on the bench waiting for a ride after a visit to the tattoo parlor.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I traveled from Little Rock to Russellville via Morrilton yesterday to spend the 4th of July with family and friends.My parents have had a big 4th of July celebration at their house ever since they moved to Arkansas.A trip to DEATON'S FIREWORKS OUTLET supplied us with some great fireworks to take with us.We grilled burgers and dogs.We fired off alot of FIREWORKS.On the way there we passed 3 cars from the great american race.I got a picture of the blue one as you can see.We stopped in Morrilton at the Riverview Nursing Home to pay a visit to my 89 year old Grandmother.It was bingo day at the home so I played a few games of Bingo and won a prize... a Patriotic Bear Figurine for her.As you can see in the picture they had a few hundred American Flags at the intersection where you turn in to the Morrilton Hospital and Nursing Home.Oh and I have discovered this new drink I like.I have always liked Ginger Ale but the new Raspberry Ginger Ale is real tasty.One of the pictures shows my cousin Rick Bryant and his new Girlfriend hugging each other close.The rest of the pictures are Family and Friends enjoying the day of FIREWORKS , FOOD and TALK. I think Mom would have enjoyed the day and would proud we continued the tradition.

Monday, July 2, 2007


The Death of my MOM 10 days ago has been nothing less than painful and extremely heavy on the heart. My MOM died in one state and lived in another but with lots of family and friends in both places we had 2 funeral services for her... one in Covina , California and the other in Russellville , Arkansas.
We would like it if you could make a donation to the LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY gateway chapter that serves Eastern Missouri , Southern Illinois and all of Arkansas in her honor. You can check them out and read about what they are doing at

Sunday, July 1, 2007


My best buddy CLIFFTON was taking a shower early this morning and when he got out and was drying off this snake slithered down towards him from the air duct in the bathroom ceiling.I'm not sure what kind of snake it is but because of the shape of head I would assume it's poisonous.We closed all the vents in the house and left him just like this to sleep his night away.When we awoke he was not to be seen.Hopefully he left the house the same way he came in.