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Saturday, February 9, 2008


John The Bartender stopped by for a visit a couple days ago.Yes I have been to busy to post on a regular basis.John who bartends at SIDETRACKS in North Little Rock is moving to Seattle in a couple of weeks, so he wanted to stop by and chit chat and say good bye.Twisted would like to thank him for everything he has done over the past couple of years.He has tried to get the word out about our store to as many people as he possibly could.He really went way out of his way to talk us up.He is a customer but more of a friend which is why when he asks for SEX I choose to say no.I hope he and Fuzzy have great times in Seattle.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Phillip stopped by a few days ago and flashed his nips at me.He even let me play with them a little.I suppose if a really cute guy wants to show me his nipples I probably would have a HARD time not staring.As far as whether looking at man nipples is a turn on or not that all depends on the guy.


The American Idol audition phase has come to a close.Those that have been chosen are off to HOLLYWOOD.My favorite of the rejects are pictured here.The Twins were way to cute and I would have sent them to California on that alone.It's not that the song they sang was that bad ...It just wasn't very good.I don't care for rap that much but had they been really good at it, I could have liked the rap song they sang or rapped I guess you say.I did enjoy the way they rubbed their stomach and played with their tits and the very round lip action also got me excited.


I finally had a chance to see one of the Oscar nominated male acting performances.CASEY AFFLECK is nominated for his portrayal of ROBERT FORD the guy who killed JESSE JAMES.I have always enjoyed a good historical action adventure.This one is a bit long coming in at 2 hours and 40 minutes.My favorite line is said by JESSE JAMES played by BRAD PITT to ROBERT FORD and goes something like "You remind of the girl that wants a kiss but is afraid to ask".CASEY AFFLECK does get naked and takes a bath in a metal tub outdoors and splashes water at a cow that may be wanting to drink from the tub.That was rather cute but most of the movie is grim, portraying one of our most famous outlaw gangs as nothing more than a collection of country hicks,petty thieves and psychotic killers.The film has also been nominated for a OSCAR in the Cinematography catagory.It is a good film worth seeing.My only complaint was it was a little long.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Robert Walker use to work for Marvel and D.C. Comics but now creates his own.The first issue of O+MEN hit the streets last May so this post is to inform those that loved the first issue that the second issue will be published this month.If your not familiar with this Comic book it features HIV + superheroes NIGHTCRY who is a gay white guy that resembles an edgy Batman and BURN a lesbian.K-OSS is a black bisexual jock and then PRECIOUS who is the PARIS HILTON character along with EROS a model and AGONY a black ballerina and SLUMBER a DOMINICAN who is sorta like FREDDY KRUEGER and MEMORY the asian female punk rocker with GOTH the former drug user round out this cast of characters.I have found it a very good creative way to get the HIV and AIDS info out to a audience that otherwise might not be interested.


This morning I opened my back door at the shop and saw the Billboard had collapsed in the storm last night.I didn't notice to much else in the way of damage close by.


DUANE JACKSON will be performing in a one-man show this weekend February 8th and 9th at 7:30 P.M. The name of the show is THE TRICKY PART by MARTIN MORAN and is being Directed by ALAN DOUGLAS.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I was stationed at FORT DEVANS MASSACHUSETTS many years ago and have been a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS fan ever since.I snapped this picture today as the game was about to start.


ROBB C. SEWELL of EDGE BOSTON had this to say about the film I watched Tonight.It is called THE WINDY CITY ICIDENT.
"What I had hoped to be a comical and interesting movie turned out to be one of the worst films I have ever seen, an original concept ultimately destroyed by a poorly written script, sub-par acting, and amateurish, embarrassing direction and production.

At the heart of the film is Chanel Puget, a young gay man from Washington State. Plagued by strange dreams beckoning him to Chicago, Chanel abandons his handsome boyfriend and hightails it to Chicagoland where, in between moments of passion and lust, he begins to uncover the mysteries behind his dreams.

One of The Windy City Incident’s biggest flaws is its script. Simply, the dialogue is hackneyed, the plot convoluted and confusing, the conclusion unsatisfying and disappointing. The trouble was apparent from the get-go when script writers Maurice Maxwell, Jonathan Oswald, and Ruhn Andhide broke the cardinal rule of good storytelling but telling rather than showing, using a plethora of expository dialogue to fill the audience in on the facets of Chanel’s life and his disturbing dreams. The writers also resorted to the tiresome, lazy cliché of a narrator (in this case, a bag lady) to oversee the madness. The narrator pops in and out of the movie, offering insights and commentary that are supposed to be funny and witty but instead come across as stilted and annoying. Frankly, in many ways, it seems that the writers couldn’t make up their minds about what kind of film they wanted to make. A comedy? Or maybe a fantasy? Hey, how about a porno? Yep. A porno. There are lengthy sex scenes that seem as though they were excised from a porn flick on XTube, but with unimaginative direction and half-hearted acting.

..., an original concept ultimately destroyed by a poorly written script, sub-par acting, and amateurish, embarrassing direction and production.And, speaking of porn, there is no better way to describe some of the acting in The Windy City Incident than to liken it to the performances usually seen in porn. This is never more the case than with actor Shane Grey who fails miserably as Chanel. Grey shares no chemistry with any of his leading men, often avoiding eye contact with James Townsend who portrays Chanel’s beau Randy. Grey’s performance lacks passion and energy, and comes across as incredibly wooden. Jeffrey T. Weaver, in the role of the Bag Lady, gives a nice performance, even getting a funny line here or there. But his character wanders aimlessly throughout the story, serving little or no purpose, and ultimately becomes tiresome.

As for the production itself, I knew there was trouble afoot when I began snickering during the opening credits with its incredibly cheesy animation. Camera work is boring and predictable, especially during the hot and heavy sex scenes. It would have been helpful if a little more time had been invested in editing the movie. But instead we have scenes where actors try to stifle their laughter and trip up their lines, and where microphones appear beside actors. Continuity is problematic, with Chanel’s hair color changing throughout the film almost as often as Web gossip queen Perez Hilton changes his hair color. But perhaps the worst part of the film is the overuse of bizarre sound effects. For instance, a child can often be heard chuckling amidst the action and, at other times, strange banging and clicking sounds can be heard. All of these sound effects add nothing to the movie and rather distract the viewer from the action.

When all was said and done, and after the final credits had rolled, I sat on my couch, scratching my head in bewilderment, trying to make sense of what surely has to be one of the worst films ever made. Frankly, I’ve seen better-acted, better-produced, and better-written videos on YouTube. Unlike poor Chanel, who submitted to the ghosts beckoning him to traipse off on his journey, do yourself a favor and resist the urge to watch The Windy City Incident. It’s not worth your time, effort, or money.

Postscript: While wrapping up this review, I decided to watch the film-makers’ commentary feature, which provides insight into the vision behind the movie and an explanation for the continuity problems (apparently video footage was lost and scenes had to be filmed again). Nonetheless, even with those explanations, I still stand behind my earlier comments about the film’s weaknesses."