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‎"If you need to shave, and you still collect baseball cards, you're gay. If you're a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you're a grown man, they're pictures of men."



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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

because their is nothing romantic about pushing your boyfriend around in a wheelchair

On his first night out since being put in the wheelchair Luke takes a fall while trying to get out of the chair to sit on something next to Noah.Luke's pride is shattered and ends up leaving the fair more agitated than ever.You can see the agitation in his face as he holds the cellphone debating whether to call Noah to apologize for being a jerk.When Noah arrives at the farm they can barely face each other. We rarely see their backs turned to one or the other.Usually they are transfixed on one another.I understand that Luke feels unattractive in the chair and maybe half man-like if you will.He probably not only thinks he will never walk again but will always be a burden.He doesn't want to be seen like this at least in public.Luke and Noah have only kissed twice and the second came a little over a month ago.They are way overdue for that third kiss.

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