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Don't Let It Get Away!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well now that the distributors have starting getting stock back in the warehouses after the holiday season and inventories, we are starting to receive shipments in more frequently and with top notch titles.Here are a few that arrived this afternoon.Looks like some good ones in the bunch.Black Scorpion has been doing some good stuff so MAN ISLAND should be HOT and Motel Sex was real good so I hope MOTEL SEX 2 from DIRK YATES is at least as good as the first one.THE MEN I WANTED from LUCAS KAZAN is sure to be a winner as his always are.I prefer the TITAN titles to the TITAN FRESH SERIES but my customers like the FRESH ones so...Then DARE from FALCON is going to be typical FALCON.This Falcon title is Written and Directed by JETT BLACK and stars LIFETIME EXCLUSIVE MATTHEW RUSH.WTF does that mean?Will we be watching him in FALCON two zillion when he's eighty years old.Interesting how I have noticed a lot of the BIG stars are choosing to go independant and MATTHEW is going to work for Falcon till the day he dies.MICHAEL LUCAS gives us GIGOLO which I am sure is another great one.We also got in more copies of LA DOLCE VITA (not pictured)from MICHAEL LUCAS as we have been out of that great 2 parter.Another title in from DIRK YATES is UNCUT VERSION : THE SECOND COMING which is a SOLO JERKOFF release but they are all UNCUT MEN.Lots of good ones and not so good ones not pictured also so stop in this weekend if you get a chance.


thonnibg said...

Man island,Gigolo and Dolce Vita are great but Falcon`s Dare could be a bit better.I mean Falcon is a great studio but the Dare movie is not on a top level(only my personal opinion) as Falcon movies usually are despite the two big F. stars-Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes.
I wanna see Kazan`s The man I wanted cuz Jean Franko is nominated for best foreign actor at Gayvn for that movie.

Sue said...

I think "lifetime exclusive" has more to do with the star's rank within the company than their ability to work for other companies. For example, at Hot House, Lifetime Exclusive means that the star can choose who he performs with. But, in the case of Francesco D'Macho, he has been able to negotiate to work outside of Hot House. So, I'm not sure what lifetime exclusive means in terms of exclusivity. I don't think the word lifetime means anything in particular.