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Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been doing what I do for a little over a quarter of a century.Many stars come and go ,so after such a long period of time ,it can be kinda HARD to get that excited about one in particular.Damien excites me because not only is he a super HOT looking guy and awesome sex performer and working for one of my all time favorite companies Titan Media as an exclusive but the word OUT there is... he is plain and simply a great all around guy.Yes the word in porn circles is Damien is one of the nicest of the male porn stars.His BF Angelo is Very Lucky indeed.If you have missed any of his films be sure to check them out.I have included pictures of the films I believe him to be in ,hopefully I haven't forgot any and then I have included 2 pictures that are extreme favorites of mine that I stole off his site.I hope he don't mind but the one in the black suit with him sitting on the floor is Hot as Hell and I allready told him so.The other one I saw today for the first time.It is kinda playful and fun as if he can hide from his fans...not a chance.Good luck at the Awards Damien ,I'm pulling for you.


thonnibg said...

Damien is really tremendeously HOT!
I`ve seen half of those flics and they are excellent.I agree with you,Titan is one of the best studios of all times:)

Mark in DE said...

Agreed, he's smokin' hot! And the fact that he's nice (and not an asshole) makes him even more attractive.

Mark :-)

Sue said...

He is timelessly handsome. It is great to hear that he is also a nice guy!