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Don't Let It Get Away!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Day 6 in San Diego for Comic Con was a very relaxing day which consisted of lots of beautiful men & bois and flowers.We of course started with a great breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast before heading to the Convention Center for one last swing through the convention hall.We of course wanted to say so long to our buds at Super 7 and Funko.I'm not posting any more pics of the convention goings on.I took close to 1300 pics in San Diego and have shared less than 10% with you all.One more day to go day 7 the day we traveled home and we will be done.It's hard for me to find the time and energy to blog as frequent as I use to.I apologize for that.My life has increasingly become more busy and more sexual (if that could be possible after all I do run a sex shop).The blog and the other things I do online have brought more attention to the store and more customers in the store and more of everything really including sex.I have been back from san Diego 6 weeks and just now showing some pics of day 6 of the trip.I am also a year older since I last blogged to you all.Anyways time to move forward and get this posted so I decided to show you mostly what went on after we left the convention which was look at beautiful men and beautiful flowers.We did see a couple of Superman wannabes and of course I had to throw in day 6's SkaterBoi.

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