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Thursday, May 3, 2007

A DAY on the RIVER

While searching through old photos to post a good well message to my Mom I ran across this one of my Stepfather.His name is Richard most people call him Dick but I often hear my Mom call him Richard and even Ocassionally she hollars Richard Paul.This photo brought back good memories of our many days boating and fishing as a family.Not much time for any of that sort of thing these days.The younger kids of the family, mostly my nieces and nephews would rather be sitting inside playing their video games and such but me I loved those outdoor outings and could use a good day on the lake or a day at the beach about now.That's my sister Darlene who has been gone well over 30 years now in the front of the boat and myself with the life vest and as I said my Stepfather was the boats captain that day.It was taken on a trip to the Colorado River back in the 60's.

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