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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom Get Well Soon

Today turned out to be one of those days.Non-Stop action from the moment i got up.I managed to get all the ad info to Joe over at for the program at the PRIDE FESTIVAL.If your planning on advertising in it do so quickly as it goes to the printers Friday.I spoke with my Mom this afternoon and she is glad to be home.My brother Greg and his family arrived this morning to visit and give support especially since my brothers wife is a great nurse.The truck was in the shop as 2 tires had nails in them.One tire was slowly leaking and I took it to GoodYear and when they hoisted it up their was actually 2 with nails so had both repaired and now maybe I can safely travel. This is an old picture of my Mom probably a little over 35 years ago taken at Easter time of course.That's me on the right with the bow sister Darlene is the one on the other side of my mom.Easter time was always Big and Special at our house.Mom loves the holidays.I'm actually a little tired more tired tonight than usual so much weighing on the brain cells this week.Mom I hope your feeling better today.

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