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Sunday, January 20, 2008

SURVEILLANCE 24/7 walls have eyes

I have just finished watching SURVEILLANCE 24/7 WALLS HAVE EYES which will be released here in the USA on march 4th 2008.This thriller stars TOM HARPER as ADAM, a gay teacher who embarks on a one night stand with a guy who sleeps with a prince on a regular basis.The guy turns up dead the next day and the bad people who are wanting to keep a gay scandal from rocking the royal household are after ADAM suspecting he has the evidence proving a gay relationship between the guy and the prince.The best part of the movie is the way the handheld camerawork merges with surveillance footage to provide clear close ups and not so clear long shots of ADAM and his trek above and below the streets of London.The picture of the DVD cover showing both the front and back is the USA artwork while the other one is the european version.The movie was called SURVEILLANCE there while here it has had the 24/7 added.The other picture shows ADAM and his trick before they start the one night stand.It is worth seeing.

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