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Don't Let It Get Away!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Since it is so friggin cold out tonight something like 21 degrees right now I'm going to bring you a story from the summertime to heat things up a little.I was traveling up to Minnesota to take part in a bowling tournament with some bobblehead collector buddies last August.I made as far as Saint Louis when my truck started acting a little funny.I'm no mechanic but I thought I had better find one before going any further.It was a really warm day,and my air conditioner was not working properly,every time I stopped,it felt hotter in the truck than outside of it.I had past by a couple of garages that didn't look to appealing,then I found Tony's.A simple sign hung over the entrance that said TONY'S TIGER SHOP.It was only a small operation most likely a one man kind of place.You know the place where the owner is glad to have an extra customer and knows his job well.I got out of my truck and went inside and looked for the owner but found it empty.I then went around the back of the garage where there was a huge pile of large tires.It was in these tires that stood one of the most beautiful young men I had ever laid eyes on."What d'ya need,buddy?"I heard him say loudly.He started climbing out of the tires and walking towards me.I was confused for a bit as I was needing a mechanic and I did want a good one and this guy was only a kid of maybe 22.He had really short hair and when he looked at me his eyes sparkled.He was wearing dirty jeans and a blue short sleeve T-Shirt.I was finding it hard to concentrate and kept imagioning what he would look like with those jeans off and maybe standing in front of me with some nice undies.My eyes kept soaking in the sight,and the bulge in front of his jeans indicated Tony was loaded.I had watched him as he climbed out of those tires and his buns had looked hard and firm.I could feel myself getting hard and was trying desperately not to let him know it."I...I want to be seviced,"I blurted out in confusion,but then,realizing how it must of sounded,I corrected myself and said "Well not me personally,you understand--my truck."He smiled and laughed showing that he had beautiful white teeth."Well I'm here to please,"he replied.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

I like the underwear. It's hard
to pick which color I like best.

So, you gonna 'break down' at
TONY'S again soon?

I knew it. I see that grin on your
face ;)