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Friday, January 25, 2008


This is the e-mail some have sent out to a few of his sponsors…now if I can just find out who some of his sponsors are I would do something close to it but not as nice.

I would like to inform your company of my disgust in reaction to
comments made by John Gibson of Fox News. I was informed by a website
that your corporation provides sponsorship funding for one or more of
his shows. The comments that he expressed on air in reference to the
death of actor Heath Ledger were despicable, evil, and ignorant. I
would think that you would not want your brand associated with a
person that should not even be allowed a public forum to spew this
hatred. These comments go past the protections of free speech for
which I am an avid supporter. I think anyone should be able to express
their opinion but when it goes over the public airwaves into
unsuspecting people’s homes I think it crosses the line of common
decency. I have conversed with many people on this issue and
regardless of what you may think about how a person may or may not
have lived their lives, it is completely out of bounds to mock the
death of a human being. This person was a son, a father, and a friend
to many. Can you imagine being the mother of this poor young man as
you hear an insensitive prick like John Gibson laugh and make fun
yours son’s demise on air simply to pander to his hateful base of
listeners. The next thing you hear when they cut to a commercial break
is an advertisement for your company. I would not want to be
associated with such sophomoric, cruel humor that has no regard for
how a human being lived his life or how his poor family must feel
during their grieving period. I beg you to pull your sponsorship for
his show. I have routinely used your services in the past and would
love to continue to do so. That being said…if you continue to
sponsor this vile and disgusting individual I will never use them in
the future.

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