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Don't Let It Get Away!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I enjoyed HAIRSPRAY this evening after returning from my brother's house.HAIRSPRAY was released on dvd this week.I enjoyed the movie.It was just a whole lotta singing and dancing mixed with a message of what it's like to be different.It is based on the 1988 screenplay by JOHN WATERS.The movie brings up the question of being Black in a White time of Baltimore.It also touches on the the being Big in a small person's world.Fat and Black were out and Thin and White were in.I found it odd that nothing gay was explored at all.I'm sure that gay people existed at that time and especially in the entertainment world.The movie wasn't about being gay though just being different as in FAT or BLACK.It is a movie worth seeing even if no Gay people show up during the 117 minute show.

1 comment:

mountii said...

john trav. was scary as HELL and zach efron is more queer than my pinky toe