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Don't Let It Get Away!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I watched BOY CRUSH last night and found it to be a nice collection of 7 short films.Five of the seven have been honored with awards at various Film Festivals.They range in length from 8 min. to 26 min.They deal with guys falling for guys.Crushes as we call them.BOY CRUSHes.I found 5 of them to be a little sad while the other 2 were not.I actually liked them all but found one of the shortest ones HITCHCOCKED to be very smart and sexy.It's only 8 minutes and half way into it I was beginning to hate it when all of a sudden in Hitchcock style it took a turn and it all came together for me anyways.OEDIPUS N+1 is the longest one at 26 minutes and comes to us from France.It is a sci fi film where a mother keeps killing her son in order to make him be what she wants him to be which in this case is not GAY.She keeps cloning him and hoping each time for a straight son but every time he becomes who he really is and that be GAY.A lot of HOT LOOKING guys in this one,but not only that,a lot of good story telling as well.I highly suggest you check this entertaining package of shorts.

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