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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


A funny thing happened on the way to bed last night.I watched AND,THERE YOU ARE and it was funny and I liked it.When the movie ended ,I decided to post on the blog what I thought, but before that I went to Amazon.Com to see what others thought.The four reviews on Amazon were a mixed bag with 2 giving it 2 out 5 stars while the other 2 gave it 4 out 5 stars for a 3 average.I actually thought it was better than 3.I wasn't expecting a big budget hollywood film so I was expecting a low budget independant film that had a story to tell.This film actually had a unique story that was based on actual events.It was loaded with a ton of Hot Shirtless Guys.One of the reviewers complained about the credits rolling to long I think he said over 4 minutes.When the movie ended I turned it off so I dont know about that but it seems a little nit picky at best.Your complaining about how terrible a film is and you pick on the credits.I related to the story and I'm assuming the others did not.The main character is a gay man that owns a successful business just like myself.I also come across a lot of straight men who like that tongue thing that a good gay cocksucker can give just like Roy's character Ray Dalton that owns his own furniture store keeps finding out.My store is a small operation and caters to a small segment of the population in a small town that is in a small state.It is what it is.It is worth supporting small business's like mine and It is worth supporting small indepentant films like this one.My store does as best a job as it can on the budget it must operate under.This film managed to tell a unique story with a bunch of goodlooking shirtless guys with the budget it had to work under.It is O.K. to criticise but be fair.They did a dang good job with what they had to work with.I enjoyed it and hope you support the film by at the very least watching it.

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Mark in DE said...

Thanks, I added it to my Netflix queue.

Mark :-)