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Friday, June 8, 2007


As I have previously mentioned the Arkansas GLBT Film Festival is June 23rd and 24th.Stu Maddux is coming to Little Rock to take part in this important event.Stu is the Director of "Bob and Jack's 52 year Adventure".Stu is the good looking man to the far right in the picture.This picture was recently taken at the World Premiere showing of "We're All Angels" directed by Robert Nunez.He is the one in the blue shirt.The Blond on the far left is Jason sorry but I do not know his last name and the guy in the center is DeMarco leaving just one who we shall call mystery man.We are hoping Stu will have time to stop by the store Monday June 25th for a DVD signing around 2:oopm before he has to board his plane to head home."Bob and Jack's 52-year Adventure" is one of the best gay films I have ever seen.If you would like a copy of this DVD come by the store and get Stu to sign a copy.If it is to where he runs out of time for a signing we are hoping to get a few copies signed to sell later.I highly suggest you seeing this film.It is a beautiful love story of 2 men who have been together 52 years.

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Stu Maddux said...

Thanks so much for the nice post!
I'd be happy to have DVDs there for sale at 19.95. In the meantime, please check out the website for a trailer and more interesting stuff: Bob actually has his own blogspot blog too called fittingly, Bob's Blog.

I am very excited about being in Arkansas. My family is from there and even my mother called to tell me how proud she was that I will be at the film festival and pride.

BTW- Those folks in the picture are
(L-R) Jason, Robert Nunez (Director of the Jason and deMarco film, We're All Angels"), de Marco, Charlie Guage, and myself. I had the pleasure of being an editor of the film.

See you in a few weeks!
-Stu Maddux, Director, Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure