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Don't Let It Get Away!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DAVID DeCOTEAU HAS GONE HOG WILD OVER 1313 it is the neverending series

While I keep waiting to get a glimpse of the cover art to 1313 : BigFoot Island as I do so love the title we can drool over 1313 : Wicked StepBrother.My StepBrother and HalfBrothers have always been very loving but in this movie it is The Wicked StepBrother enticing friends over for slaughter.Now back to 1313 : BigFoot.The movie probably has absolutely nothing to do with Larger than average size feet but still one can dream and of course we all know their will be plenty of hot looking guys parading around in their skivies even if their feet are just average so it's all good.We can always expect lots of hot guys in Undies in David's Movies.

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