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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I put Underdog in the machine this evening and thought I would watch it while eating supper and wrapping a couple little gifts.I was quite expecting to hate the movie thinking it to be one of the great clinkers of all time.I was much surprised that the movie actually worked and was much better than I had anticipated.The beagle who plays Underdog is cute as is his love interest in the film but I really liked the bad guy.The mad scientist was played by a midget and it just so happened that one of the gifts I was wrapping was for my mom's cousin also a midget.Junior as we call him babysat me as I was growing up and I have exchanged gifts with him every year all my life so probably 40-45 years worth.My midget fetish developed early in life.My first midget crush came when my cousin Junior took me to see my first Little People's Baseball game.I liked the 3rd baseman whose number was 1/16.Wait I've gotten sidetracked this post is about dogs and dog movies and how they can be entertaining when done well and this one being a live action version of an old cartoon does indeed pull it off.I enjoyed it and it really did bring back several memories.

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Stephen Rader said...

You liked it, huh? Damn. Guess I have to give it a try now. I'm with you. I thought this one would be a big ol' clinker.