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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Brandon to the right with full painted face and painted boobies.
The last time I spoke of Survivor was the Season Opener and I had mentioned how a few cast members had caught my eye.I purposely haven't blogged about Survivor since because the first few episodes pretty much focused on Brandon Hantz and his Christian Beliefs and his "Creepy Nature".I didn't want to talk about Brandon in that respect.I am friends with Brandon on Facebook and get a much different take on who he is.It really came down to I was really disappointed in CBS for his edit and the character they made him out to be.We are now a few episodes in and we seem to have at least moved past the Creepy part anyways.I liked Brandon in his painted bra this week though and I'm sticking to the being past the Creepy part ... lol.
Ozzy The Tree Climber

A very confident looking Cochran.
Now on to Ozzy and his Big Move or as I may call it Cochran and his Big Move.Everyone in Survivor land is all a buzz about Ozzy having his tribe vote him out just so that he can possibly beat Christine at Redemption Island and come back to the game helping his tribe in the number game as the merge approaches.As a hardcore Survivor fan and analyzer I Love me some Ozzy but you all know how I feel about returning players.They shouldn't be returning.So ... Why do I find myself wanting Ozzy to beat Christine and Return to the game.Well ... Because The move is so out there that I want to see it work and I want to see the drama that might result which leads me to another one of my favorite Characters from this season Cochran.Ozzy left his Hidden Immunity Idol in the hands of Cochran.Will Cochran give it back if Ozzy does return?I want to know and to know this Ozzy must return.Stephen Fishbach awarded Ozzy the fishy for his Big Move but I think Cochran came away the Big Winner.He not only has the Idol but also has Ozzy's trust.Ozzy would never have given him the Idol if he didn't trust him more than any of the others on their tribe.I knew the moment I saw Cochran that their was something.He is awkward and weak and doesn't fit in but their he is half way into the season holding the Idol as the merge is about to happen.I have noticed with Cochran he is more comfortable walking around with his shirt off as the pic I posted of him shows.No shirt and Confident.I remember my first post of season where he was afraid to disrobe to his undies in front of the others.He has come a long way.Just how far we have yet to learn.

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