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Sunday, June 19, 2011

1313 : NIGHTMARE MANSION ... i finally watched it

I work 2 1/2 jobs , so I have little time to watch TV / Movies etc.When I choose a film to watch I want it to have a good story as told by a good director and acted by good actors and actresses or have Judson Birza parading around in his underwear for an hour and a half and then showering naked for 15 minutes..In other words I have little time for garbage. I had wanted to watch 1313 : Nightmare Mansion ever since one of its stars Judson Birza was a contestant on Survivor though and finally got around to doing so last night.It is a low budget film with lots of straight young men walking around in their underwear.I like straight boys that are comfortable enough in their looks and sexuality to parade around in nothing but tighty whities in homoerotic scenes , but is their any acting and story at all.My favorite character was the one who seemed to me to have the more complex problem and the longer hair.He had stole a game at the mall and someone else went to prison for it and that person then went on to kill himself while in prison.You see the 6 characters of 1313 are invited to the mansion because they are lost souls.The ringleader who invites the 6 up to the mansion is trying to resurect his dead mother so he can rule the earth as her prince.All he has to do is get  all 6 invites to do as he wishes.Judson Birza's character has to kill someone before the night ends but he doesn't kill the person he was suppose to so all does end as planned for the princely wannabe.Wait .I think I described a plot and even though the acting was below par as it was obvious most of them had never acted before.It was good acting for first time efforts.I say rent it or buy it and watch it.Just have fun while watching it.

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