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Sunday, December 19, 2010

JUDSON JOHN BIRZA the fabio stud WINS SURVIVOR in a very close vote 5-4

It has been a strange adventure.When BB12 came on I said to myself and others Hayden was going to win and he did.He was not my favorite player , Matt was.Survivor was revving up and I started checking to see who all the castaways were going to be and I said again to all my friends Judson was going to win.The difference this time was as the game started and progressed Judson John Birza grew on me.He became my favorite and I couldn't stop blogging about him.Judson won Survivor tonight and you could say I knew it all along.I would never have spent so much time talking about him and rooting for him to expect any other out come.I usually am bad at picking the winners , but not this year.Tears rolled down my cheek , when he got choked up at his final tribal council talking about family and how his love of family and his mom helped motivate him to push ahead to the final ,  when he was really down and out at that point.He was going home unless he stepped it up.Then I teared up again when they announced he was indeed the sole survivor.I was so happy for him.I felt he really deserved it.He is such a positive force and we need more of that in the world.I hope I didn't irritate him to much by blogging about him so much.I apologize to him if I did.Congratulations Judson!

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Adrian Paul said...

LOL that toothpaste picture is really funny!

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