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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


It has turned out to be the coldest night this winter season tonight.They are saying like a low of 15 or something close to it.I walked out side our front door at around 8 P.M. and saw Sean and his Dog Hello.He walked over to me and asked if I knew a place where he get a cup of coffee.I told him a few spots but then offered him a cup as I always have some brewing.He then went on to tell me he had just got into little rock off the freight train(that means hobo style I think) and had tried getting into a shelter but no place would accept the dog.He then asked me what day our trash dumpster is picked up because he would probably crash inside of it if they were not to dump it in the morning.He did not want to be inside the dumpster when they dumped it.I offered to let him stay in our place for the night.Sean and Hello are in their sleeping bag snoring away as we blog the night away.I fed him some chicken and broccoli and banana pudding before he passed out.He said he hadn't slept in 3 days so no telling how long he will be out but with the dog it will probably be when she needs to go tinkle.I tried getting to the bottom of why he is living on the streets traveling from town to town on freight trains in the freezing cold but all he told me was "at this point I don't have much of a choice".He's actually extremely nice looking and well mannered.He asked if maybe I could give him a ride to the truck stop in the morning so he could try and hop a ride so I will take a few more pics and blog more about Sean and Hello later today.


thonnibg said...

It`s always sad to see there are homeless people around!
Wow,Dennis you are such a great person.Giving him and his dog a shelter prooves that.
He and his dog are so cute:)So far I saw from your photos he really loves his dog!That means that he is a very good person too.I admire people who love animals!

Sue said...

I agree with Toni. It is so sad that there are homeless people around. What a good person you are to help out. He and his dog are very cute. At least he has appropriate clothing and the dog seems well cared for. Keep us posted.