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Don't Let It Get Away!

Friday, October 26, 2007


We got in a whole lotta films this week.It must be the cool weather because after one of our hottest summers on record we are having a cooler than normal fall and to help keep you warm the porn gods have blessed us with lots of sizzlin bods.I will talk about just a few of the titles starting with Volume 64 of STRAIGHTCOLLEGEMEN.COM'S popular series.It's not often that a studio can pump out so much so fast but they are good at what they do.Now not every volume or every scene on every volume is 5 stars but over all they do a super job.Then their is Doug Jeffrie's BOTTOM of the 9TH Little Big League III.I usually don't get to excited on sequals and III's but hey it's sports and jockstraps and JOSH VAUGHN.INK STORM by RAGING STALLION will most likely be a disappointment to me.Way to many Tattoos.I will be watching and trying to pay attention to the sex action and then because the art is so overwhelming on the bodies it could prove rather distracting.It just seems to gimicky to me.Then their is BROTHERHOOD a buckshot film from COLT STUDIOS which is a Jerry Douglas Feature.Jerry is one of my favorite film makers.The majority of his stuff is way over the top good so hopefully this one is also.Lastly their is BARNSTORM from TITAN.This one I have been looking forward to seeing because well it's Titan and Joe Gage and Dean Flynn and Justin Burkshire and Ty LeBeouf and on and on and on.

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