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Don't Let It Get Away!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GREEN means GO

Given the Choice I will choose the Path of the Green Light everytime.You can sit back and take it as it is and do nothing or You can get up off your ass and GO for it.I try to attack each day as a day in which change is possible.Be nice to someone or help someone in need or help spread the word whatever your word may be.It's great that the Eureka Springs city council passed a DPR domestic partner registry but to be honest the people who were against it and those that hate still hate and are still against it.Only we can invoke change in the minds of those people.Until we accomplish that we haven't accomplished a thing.We are still on the other side until We are all on the same side.We can force the DPR on them but We can't make them like it or understand it until We all move forward.It can be something as simple as a GREEN light.

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