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Monday, May 16, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS ROB MARIANO for winning SURVIVOR REDEMPTION ISLAND with added shirtless pics of him and Matt Elrod

I didn't talk about Survivor much this past season which Rob Mariano just won.I had wanted him to win in his first outing on Survivor.This was his fourth time playing.It is no secret that I am totally against players returning for a second chance or a third or a fourth so please Jeff lose Russell Hantz"s phone number.If you watched last nights finale you will understand.Anyways I am happy Rob finally won and I have always enjoyed watching him play even though I would prefer fresh faces each and every time.Matt Elrod was my other favorite player of this season.I would have loved to see Matt win that last duel and return to the game and eventually sit next to Rob in the finale.I think the vote would have been much closer and possibly a different outcome.Their was only two players in my opinion that deserved to win this season and that would be Matt and Rob.My heart ached for Matt as I watched him endure nearly a month of loneliness at Redemption Island but he seems to have come away from it in glorious fashion.Rob was hard on Matt and hard on him more than once so it's great to see them in friendly embrace.

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