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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Like I said before going to Star Bar I went to see another new bar just not the newest but still fairly new.SIX TEN was fun but with a much smaller crowd than Star Bar.I would guestimate 20-25 patrons.I knew quite a few of them so was able to strike up conversations quickly and fit right in so to speak.The bartender was very nice and friendly and made a mean Washington Apple Martini.I usually drink a beer when going out but wanted to experiance the martini bar concept to its fullest.I mean why go to a martini bar if your not going to drink a martini.The Washington Apple Martini was very tasty.SIX TEN was closing 30 minutes after getting there so it was a quick pop in to see what it was all about before heading over to Star Bar.It was nice to visit with friends and customers of my shop outside of the shop.I downed 2 of the Martini's and enjoyed the atmosphere of the bar.Had they not been closing I could have stayed a bit longer.I will visit again.The security guy was/is hot and comes by Twisted once in awhile.He offered to let me snap a picture so of course I did.I may have to go back this Saturday just to see him again.

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