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Don't Let It Get Away!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Our fifth day in San Diego was the most relaxing of them all.It started with the usual Fruit ,Homemade Breads & Jams and all the other goodies.On the way to the Convention a dude in white armor and a group of sign carrying Dr Steel fans were out and about.Inside Comic Con we ran into Bender,Chewy,A Ghostbuster and a Big Hand.We wondered around the convention a bit and then went to the Funko Booth for the raffling of Prototypes and Rare Items.Mike Becker and the Foot Crew was there signing DVDS also.Cameron was relaxed by Frankenberry as Bender made a Booth appearance and Jim was excited to get his Fred Flintstone dressed in White.I think We saw Mario.Our Friend Brian Flynn was signing toys he created this day also.He was still wearing the sweatshirt and the only one doing so.We decided to go to the Zoo so we left and ran into our Skater Boi for the day and had a new Bicycle Taxi Driver.This one was cuter but not near as friendly.We unloaded our winnings and Dvds we had signed at the Bed & Breakfast and then decided to hoof it over to the Zoo going through Balboa Park where a guy that we had ran into a few times in the neighborhood was walking his cute black dog.We visited the Museum of Man for a few minutes and saw some beautiful Koi Fish in a pond nearby.Then we were at the Zoo where we had a great time visiting many animals and just relaxing.we took our time wondering around till closing.All the animals were pretty friendly except there was this mean monkey.We worked on the Zookeeper/Gatekeeper Dude but didn't make much headway.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

My jaw dropped when I saw #10!

I work at a zoo! Well, it doesn't
have animals in it but, some of
the creatures there act like they
were raised in the wild.


ps. I'm still loving my lunch
lady action figure! The kids
ask if she has a karate chop action