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Don't Let It Get Away!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last saturday night ,not last night ,but the one before that, my friend Mikey came by and wanted me to go to a bar down the street called Easy Street.I have spoke of Easy Street before you may recall as the film festival was there last year and I think they are having one this year ,but I have no info on it.Any Hoo back to Mikey in the dark picture wearing black.I'm not a bar goer but I like Mikey and like talking about his rocks so I agreed to go.We decided to walk.It's just a short step down the street.I have never seen a snake in the streets of downtown Little Rock but I did that night.Crawling on the sidewalk was this slithering snake and as we approached the snake crawled up the wall and pecked his head towards the glass of Today's Office Furniture as if trying to get in.Mikey wasn't thrilled about meeting the snake anymore than I was.Mikey stopped by again last night and this time brought his friend and a geologist buddy Cajun who is visiting from Louisiana.Cajun is in the other picture which is another horrible picture but it is the best I got of his face.I will get another on his next visit.He is thinking about moving up here soon but then he and Mikey have the geology thing in common and they are a good fit.Cajun is one Hot Boi. The picture doesn't at all do him justice.

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