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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nice Saturday Adventure

A few weeks back it was a little after 2 a.m. and I had just finished up on the computer after having closed the store at Midnight.The telephone rings and a guy asks what time do you close and I say 12.He says ah shucks because I'm right out front.I then say well if you need something I can probably go ahead and take care of it.I open the door and let him in leaving most of the lights off.He is a handsome boi and looks around a bit and then says he wants to buy a gay porn movie so I show him some and and he picks one out and leaves.A week goes by and he calls again at about the same time and does the same thing looks around and buys a movie and leaves.A week and a half go by this time and he shows up during the day while we are open and at first I don't realize it is him as I have only really seen him in the dark or half he walks around a bit and leaves this time not purchasing anything.Yesterday he came in for the fourth time and instantly went to the dressing rooms and pulled his pecker out.I heard the door open and knew someone had came in but couldn't spot anyone so went over by the dressing rooms and peeked in and saw him with it hanging out.I don't think in his previous three visits he had even stepped inside the dressing rooms.Well he stayed about three and a half hours and played in between customers coming in and out.I will be posting the hottest of the pics on the other site in the next couple of days.

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Fill My 2 Holes said...

great post where can I see the rest of the photo? I also have photos to share if you would like.