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Don't Let It Get Away!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I watched these 3 films over the past 5 days and liked 2 of them alot and 1 of them only so-so.American Gangster is deserving of all the honors and nominations it received.It is a violent film that tells a story based on true events of the drug trade during the Vietnam era.It relates to us how a single man was able to use our military to transport "BLUE MAGIC" from Vietnam to Ft. Bragg and from there be distributed throughout the eastern part of the country.Crooked Cops on the take are also very much a part of the story.It was not my favorite film of the 3 but it is the most well done of the 3.The Darjeeling Limited is actually my favorite.It is a funny movie with OWEN WILSON , ADRIEN BRODY & JASON SCHWARTZMAN playing brother's on a trek through INDIA to visit their MOTHER who didn't show up to their DAD'S funeral a year earlier.They are really on a quest to find themselves.It is a film about their adventure and their friendship.It is an extraordinary film filled with many laughs and will most likely leave you wanting to renew old family bonds.I sometimes wonder if my brother's and I would be friends if we were not related.Check it out,It is worth seeing.That leaves us with Michael Clayton.It is a O.K. movie.It is put together well enough.My problem is that because of the nominations it received I was expecting more.I enjoyed it but didn't think it was great.George Clooney was George Clooney.He almost always is.I don't feel he acted in the film at all but only showed up and played George Clooney.Tom Wilkinson did turn in a brilliant performance.Tilda Swinton did win an OSCAR for her role which I felt was not the best of the 5 actresses.In fact of the 5 actresses up for best supporting actress award it was my opinion that Tilda's was the weakest.

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