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Don't Let It Get Away!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The marker tells me my mom passed away just over 6 months ago at the age of 69.I can't process it in time.It has shook one of the main pillars of my foundation to the point I feel I could tilt and fall at any moment.I do some how manage to get through each day.I have good days and bad days for sure.This blog helps as do my many other projects.Today I broke down in tears a couple of times but then this is my first Christmas without her.That's me on the back of the marker WAYNE as I am Dennis Wayne Morgan her son from her first marriage.My sister Darlene died when I was 15 and my real father died when I was in the Army in my 20's.Shaunna and Douglas are my Step Fathers kids from his first marriage.David and Gregory are the 2 boys that my Mom and Step Father brought into our lives.We are a close and loving family by all accounts.I will be traveling a short 75 minute drive to my brother David's house to have Christmas dinner with my step father and one of my brothers and his family.I was there Thanksgiving as well.I miss my Mom very much and hope her Christmas is special whatever she is doing today.She loved Christmas more than any one I have ever known.


thonnibg said...

That`s really sad!
You had so many big losses in your life...

I`m sure your Mom is watching you now:)


Sue said...

She was so young when she died! How terrible! It is really hard to lose a parent. I lost my father in 1998 and it was really hard on me. The next year I had a brain aneurysm hemorrhage and now I am disabled because of it. I was very close to him and I'll never get over the loss. But life goes on no matter what happens and we cannot stop it. I have decided to live it to the fullest for him, he valued every day as if it were his last.

A-list said...

I know how you feel man. My mom died on New Years Eve. Hard to celebrate when you lost someone dear.